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Fully Customized Options Beyond the Introductory Class

Organizations across the globe are realizing that there is significant depth to the tools and techniques that accompany Emergenetics – it’s not just for self insight and superficial teambuilding exercises.

We fully customize all advanced workshops to meet your specific needs and style. You will decide exactly what you and your team/organization need as your next move.  We’ll bring an experience that is guaranteed to deliver.

Following the introduction of Emergenetics through a Meeting of the Minds workshop, there are a wealth of additional ways to amplify your team and organization’s results.

Advanced Emergenetics Options :

  • Executive Strategy Session
    Use Emergenetics to drive results at the executive Level.
  • New Leader – New Team Integration
    Use Emergenetics as a quick-start when you have a new leader or new team member and need to get results fast.
  • Deeper Dive into Team Dynamics
    Use Emergenetics to address specific, real-time team issues that are keeping the team from achieving all they are capable of.
  • Conflict Resolution through Effective Feedback
    Use Emergenetics as an effective tool for resolving age-old and current issues between team members or between entire teams.
  • Building Trust through Emergenetics Insights
    Combine Emergenetics principles with current theories on trust-building for amplified results within your team.
  • Emergenetics – The Leadership Edge
    Emergenetics has multiple applications in the leadership realm.  Integrate Emergenetics into your existing leadership curriculum or ask Amplitude to create an entire leadership series for you.
  • The WE Approach to Customer Service
    Use Emergenetics to better reach every customer and leave them with the ultimate experience.



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