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How do you maximize the impact of Emergenetics in a cost-effective manner? Bring the power of Emergenetics into your organization through the Emergenetics Certification process.

By certifying staff within your organization, you will have full access to the power of the Emergenetics insights, tools and materials for your entire organization.

Certified Associates learn the science behind Emergenetics and its impact on individuals and organizations, and gain the ability to interpret and apply this knowledge to others.

Our approach in Certification is to equip our Associates to excel for the long term. We provide them with a strong foundation of knowledge about the concepts, theory, presentation and interpretation that go into Emergenetics. Then, we work with them on an ongoing basis to ensure they have the tools and skills at their disposal to be successful, while giving them the flexibility to tailor their work with Emergenetics to fit the needs of your organization or business.

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“For more than a decade, IGT has utilized Emergenetics as the cornerstone tool for developing profiles for teams and individuals so that they can increase their communication effectiveness, team dynamics, and overall performance. The success that we have experienced with the tool has far exceeded our expectations!”

Jennifer Lolli Director of HR Strategy, International Game Technology

“Chris Cox is the number-one trainer/facilitator in the Emergenetics family.  She is thoughtful, visionary, insightful, empathic, vivacious, and dynamic.  She delivers Emergenetics sessions with wisdom and sparkle.”

Geil Browning, Ph.D. CEO/Founder, Emergenetics International

Certified PartnerMaster Associate

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