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With Emergenetics Certification, you gain expert knowledge on the Emergenetics Model and research, you learn the skills to deliver a one-day “Meeting of the Minds” workshop and you gain the ability to debrief Emergenetics Profiles for groups and individuals.  Programming for this course was created and is facilitated by Chris Cox, Master Associate and VP of Training and Development with Emergenetics.  She has been utilizing Emergenetics at an advanced level for over 15 years.

With Emergenetics Advanced, we take continuing education to a new level. With this 2 ½-day intensive class, you will leave ready to meet even the toughest challenges of businesses and teams today – taking their performance to their next level. Associates tell us that this is where the Emergenetics training really comes together – they gain skills, tools, and confidence to take Emergenetics deeper into their work and organization.

Topics addressed in this class include:

•  A deeper dive into the seven attributes of Emergenetics
•  Advanced Emergenetics Profile Interpretation
•  Facilitating Team Processes (with many new processes introduced)
•  Debriefing Techniques
•  Neuroscience & Emergenetics
•  Tying Emergenetics to Other Models
•  Coaching with Emergenetics

This level of facilitation is critical to ensure businesses receive the greatest ROI for your work and their time invested. With greater capacity and skills, you can bring more to your clients than the one-day workshop. It is a win-win for everyone!

“Chris Cox is the number-one trainer/facilitator in the Emergenetics family.  She is thoughtful, visionary, insightful, empathic, vivacious, and dynamic.  She delivers Emergenetics sessions with wisdom and sparkle.”

Geil Browning, Ph.D. CEO/Founder, Emergenetics International

“For more than a decade, IGT has utilized Emergenetics as the cornerstone tool for developing profiles for teams and individuals so that they can increase their communication effectiveness, team dynamics, and overall performance. The success that we have experienced with the tool has far exceeded our expectations!”

Jennifer Lolli Director of HR Strategy, International Game Technology

Certified PartnerMaster Associate

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