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Mentoring For Emergenetics Associates

New and seasoned Emergenetics Associates are frequently looking for assistance in raising their facilitation skills to the next level.  They may also be seeking assistance with a truly difficult facilitation request, team problem, or organizational challenge.

Emergenetics Mentoring with Chris Cox offers the experience of one of the most prolific facilitators in the Emergenetics organization – right at your fingertips.  Chris is available to solve one problem at a time, or work with new and existing associates in a focused process over a period of workshops.  Each associate who has worked with Chris has taken their Emergenetics knowledge to their next level and gained confidence in the tool and their facilitation skills.

Mentoring for Organizational Leaders:

Executives, leaders and managers alike find it a challenge to maintain the enthusiasm from the initial Meeting of the Minds workshop.  If you are one of these leaders who want to be proactive and ensure you are equipped with the tools and skills you need to fully utilize the ROI of Emergenetics, this service is perfect for you.

Working with Chris, you will set a plan in place to build your skill and confidence in the tool – and she will support you through the process until you are ready to fly solo.  This style of mentoring is extremely beneficial to leaders who see the broad application potential of the Emergenetics tool and want to build a customized plan for their specific uses of it.

If mentoring sounds like something of value, give Chris a call to explore this option!

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