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Amplifying Results for Internal Leaders

The step-by-step, sure-fire way to amplify and sustain results for your team.  When you bring Emergenetics to your team, you also receive the leadership tools it will take to ensure those results stick.  The Emergenetics Fieldbook is designed for this specific purpose.

It’s straightforward, easy to implement and can be customized to fit into the work of your team. The Fieldbook helps implant Emergenetics into the team culture – an extension of the ROI of the workshop and advanced workshops.

Sections in the Fieldbook:

  • Action Planning and Schedule
    We lay out the plan for you – all you do is implement!
  • New Team Members
    Instructions for bringing new-hires up to speed and retaining the Emergenetics value as the team faces change.
  • Reinforce and Amplify
    Exercises to bring to team meetings that you can facilitate – and the step-by-step instructions on how to facilitate them.
  • Using Emergenetics Tip Sheets
    A great reinforcing tool provided by Emergenetics is the Tip Sheet – and this section provides you with all the information you need to insure your team receives the full benefit.
  • Using Emergenetics Reports
    Take full advantage of the data behind the Emergenetics Profile.  Find out exactly how in this section.
  • Advanced Emergenetics
    How to know when you are ready for more – and what exactly that is.
  • Emergenetics Overview
    More information and background about Emergenetics – since you are the leader, you get a deeper dive to enhance your knowledge of the tool.
  • Action Tip Emails
    Insight into the reinforcing email messages your team will receive following their initial workshop.
  • Resources for Learning
    Annotated book list for additional reading you may find useful and interesting.

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