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A Meeting of The Minds

This highly interactive, customized workshop meshes Emergenetics insights with your business needs.  Results are immediately realized and “stick” with participants long after the workshop concludes.

  • Participants use their personalized Emergenetics Profile to gain deeper self-insight as well as skills for self-management
  • Teams use the extensive data base and customized reports to gain communication insights and tools for enhanced results

Participants regularly share that this workshop is “the best they have ever attended” and “the most practical set of tools for use in my business and personal life that I have ever received”.

Participants Experience:

  • Insight into how they think and behave and understanding the impact of their preferences
  • Understanding and knowledge of their colleagues
  • Hands-on team-building exercises on communication, motivation, efficiency, and more immediately applicable skills and tools for enhanced performance beyond the workshop
  • Brain science and research that ties learning into real, measurable scientific data

Organizations Gain:

  • A foundation for improved trust, communication, engagement and results
  • A new viewpoint to understand and resolve business challenges
  • Highly effective and efficient communication skills and strategies
  • More creative and productive teams
  • Reduced conflict

The Meeting of the Minds workshop also underscores the ability for organizations to harness cognitive diversity to create with new solutions for old (and new) business challenges.  It’s a revolutionary approach—working through your people—to gain incredible results.

In two words – Emergenetics Delivers!


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