Rev It Up!

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Sharpen Your Focus, Get Better Results

When on the racetrack, the key to success is knowing the condition of your car, the condition of the track and the status of the other drivers. How does the driver get updates when barreling down the straight at well over 150-MPH? In much the same way as great leaders get information about their organizations and the marketplace when racing at the speed of business!

In this racing related speech, leaders will assess their knowledge of their internal and external “dashboard” indicators through the use of metaphoric racing flags and trackside signals.

Participants will leave with a plan to assess how their organization is measuring up in terms of both external forces – competition, economy, changing regulations and the like, and internal forces – employee satisfaction, production schedules, productivity, net profit.

This fast paced speech will drive participants through the creation of their own dashboard indicators, and start revving their minds with ideas for how to ensure continued success in their organization.

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