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ESP – The Emergenetics Selection Profile

At the core of having a strong organization is having the best people in each position. Simply looking at resumes and interviewing candidates doesn’t cut it anymore – hiring needs to get smarter.

Hiring smart starts with knowledge – about exactly what your organization needs and how to fill those needs.  And it ends with information – pure, objective data about your potential hires.

With that kind of insight, finding the best people gets a whole lot easier – and your bottom line looks a whole lot better.  That’s hiring smart!

ESP is a revolutionary hiring system designed to find the perfect hire for any job.

What sets ESP apart?  

  • ESP is customized to your unique jobs and organization
  • ESP provides a collaborative framework that ensures you get expert consultation while utilizing your own distinct knowledge of your hiring needs
  • ESP uses the scientifically calibrated measurements on personal motivation and bottom-line workplace skills to provide an extensive, accurate assessment of any potential hire
  • ESP is built specifically to predict on-the-job performance
  • ESP is easy to use and understand
  • ESP showcases a flexible implementation strategy for organizations of any size
  • ESP fits your bottom line – it’s a cost-effective way to cut down on unnecessary turnover and low performing new hires

You can use ESP for a single position within your organization or for every applicant that sets foot in the door.  Pricing is available for any scope of project.

PS:  And once you identify and hire the perfect candidate – use Emergenetics to on-board and orient that person perfectly.  It’s a match made in heaven!


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