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Unleash your potential, create balance and leap to your best next level of living

Are you at a crossroads … or adrift?

  • Feeling stuck, frustrated or out of balance?
  • Staying comfortable, even when that is the source of the frustration?
  • Yearning for more in life, yet dreading the arduous process of getting there?

Life CAN be Different – and Better!

It is possible to live at a new level now and have a “pinch me, I’m dreaming” life!

Imagine yourself…

  • Jubilantly leaping to a new level of living – in the life you have always imagined.
  • Relaxing as you enjoy a wonderfully balanced life that sustains and feeds you.
  • Comfortably setting dream-worthy goals and easily achieving them.
  • Feeling energized, passionate, confident, fulfilled, free.


So Why Aren’t You Doing This Already?

Every day, smart, motivated, accomplished people stay stuck or adrift in a life that is unfulfilling and out of balance. Why?

  • They’re really smart, but the very thought of changing their lives feels daunting and hard to start. And that’s really exhausting!
  • When life is stressful, it’s counter-intuitive to step back and plan – most people keep unhappily, frantically running on the hamster wheel of life instead of setting a new and improved course.
  • Getting out of “stuck” isn’t something that can or should be done alone – yet most people think they should be able to do it on their own.

Here’s how to take back the reins of your life:

You are the only one who can do this work! And it’s great to know it can be an enjoyable, energizing process. Here’s how:

1. Step Up. Put yourself first in line and take the time to focus on you. Only then can you deliver on all the other goals and demands of your life at a new and fulfilling level.

2. Get clear on all things “You.”  Learn how you react and prepare for change, how you handle uncharted waters, why things stress you as they do and how to successfully navigate to success.

3. Envision your perfect life. Discover what you most want to DO and how you want to BE as you create the vision for Your Best Next Thing

4. Build power. Develop personal power skills and techniques that will keep you motivated and on track along the way.

5. Focus in. Take uninterrupted, focused time to develop your plan.

6. Plan for success. Build your plan, then set it in motion – see it, feel it, do it, enjoy it!

7. Reflect and energize. Utilize proven techniques to ensure this plan sticks!


[tab:   Entrepreneur/ Mom Celebrates Her Best Next Thing   ]
Stephanie was at a crossroads; overwhelmed and frustrated trying to run a business while being a mom to two young sons. She just didn’t see any way to make it all work.

In our workshop Stephanie learned not only to put herself back onto her list of priorities, but that by doing so she actually could become a role model for her sons.

Midway through the program, she was no longer at the end of her rope and was able to work on own her path alongside her family. She shares:

“The greatest thing I learned was to put myself on the list of people who matter in my life – to begin planning for my Best Next Thing as a role model to my young sons and family. I am in charge of my future, even while directing their future. My weekend at Best Next Thing got me on track and confident in living my Best Next Thing every day.”

[tab:   About the Facilitators   ]
Chris Cox, Founder and Chief Learning Officer of Amplitude LLC

An expert in delivering the tools and skills that allow others to see and live their Next Best Life. Her simple and engaging style has helped individuals to deepen self-insight, confidently build personal power, and effortlessly achieve their lifetime dreams and goals. Her more than 30 years experience is instrumental in guiding executives, teams and organizations worldwide to increase trust, enhance communication and exceed their desired outcomes. Chris is also Partner/Vice President of Training and Development for Emergenetics, International. For fun, Chris bends steel in her bare hands, walks on hot coals and drives a racecar.

Mary Case, MD

Mary is a board certified anatomic and clinical pathologist. With subspecialty training in neuropathology, Mary has spent her life in the study of the brain – how it works, and how to make it work better for improved results. She brings her expertise and skill to this workshop along with her knowledge of meditation and cognitive work. Mary is also an Advanced Associate and Staff Neuroscientist with Emergenetics, International and a Master Trainer in the Chronic Disease Self Management Program.

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