Executive Coaching

Want to “amp up” your personal results?  This individualized, highly customized form of professional and personal development supports you in maximizing your effectiveness. You work one-on-one with a coach who helps you identify and achieve (or exceed!) your goals, apply new skills and manage challenges for sustainable results and success as you become a stronger leader.

All of our coaching options are designed to help you improve your personal effectiveness – however you define success. Coaching presents you with personal time to focus on your concerns and priorities. With coaching as your cutting-edge advantage, you will finally find the path to unparalleled levels of success!

You become more efficient, and more effective. Most importantly, coaching helps you become the leader YOU want to be!

Performance Coaching

Each person has unique skills and needs, and this personalized service focuses on your specific needs. Use this short-term service as a follow up to any customized workshop offered through Amplitude.

In this type of coaching, you’ll have the opportunity to take your new skills to a much deeper level of learning with the assistance of an expert. You’ll increase your learning potential and amplify the benefits of your learning in the workshop.


Customized Coaching

This on-going method of individualized support will be instrumental in improving your leadership effectiveness. You will gain great depth of insight and breadth of knowledge from this style of coaching. This style of coaching is completely customized to meet your exact needs.  Whether it be gaining balance, finding the right fit in your organization, getting to “YES!” with your life situation or employer, or a number of goals that you just never seem to be able to attain.  This type of coaching usually lasts 3 months or longer.

Utilizing a 360-degree survey (feedback from your supervisor, peers, direct reports, as well as your own insights) you will work with a coach to gain insight into how you, and others, perceive your leadership strengths and challenges.


360º Targeted Feedback Coaching

You will create a measurable action plan for shoring up any challenges or areas needing improvement and ensuring greater success as a leader. Ongoing coaching from these results supports you in integrating learning from your 360-degree survey into leadership and daily life.

What our clients have to say

“Thought-provoking, inspirational and actionable coaching from Chris has made a huge difference in not only my perspective but also my performance. She has an innate ability to extract from me the “aha’s” necessary to identify what barriers stand in my way and how I can overcome them, and this has led me to realize new successes as well as my dream role.”

Kerri Meyer

Founder and CEO, Sync Learning, LLC

“The team facilitation and coaching services provided by Chris have made a significant impact on my organization’s ability to deliver better business outcomes more quickly. Chris focuses on developing both team and individual capabilities. In doing so, we built a higher performing organization while simultaneously expanding leadership bench strength.”

Sheryl Westad

Director, Delivery Support, Veritas - retired

“Chris asks amazing questions that have been instrumental in getting me to own my insights about myself. She’s demanding, yet encouraging, caring yet has high standards and this only helps me grow faster and push farther. I cherished my time working with Chris and would do so again in a heartbeat.”

Matt Zybura

Director, Web Marketing

Building Better Leaders Together!

Our specialties include executive and leadership development, communication and trust building, building and retaining engagement in the organization/team, expanding confidence and personal power and amplifying results when diverse individuals need to interact to make that happen.

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