Technically, Emergenetics is a brain-based psychometric assessment that highlights thinking and behavior.
Practically, it is a shortcut to deeper self-understanding and a bridge to insights about others.
Conceptually, it changes everything related to organizational communication and culture by providing a common language, skill base and toolbox.
Bottom line – it amplifies success for individuals, teams and entire organizations.

Emergenetics reveals your brilliance – the way you prefer to think and behave.

The Emergenetics Profile was developed to distinctively measure how people think and behave. With this insight, you can develop personal strategies to get results.

Developed through years of psychometric research, the Emergenetics Profile accurately measures three behavioral attributes (Expressiveness, Assertiveness, Flexibility) and four thinking attributes (Analytical, Structural, Social, Conceptual). The attributes are represented in a clear, color-coded report, making it memorable and applicable immediately.

The Science Behind the Emergenetics Profile

  • Meets Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing
  • Uses Likert Scale (not forced choice) to measure intensity
  • Strong validity and reliability, including test-retest data
  • Regular data norming to ensure consistency and accuracy

The Emergenetics Profile may be used for personal and team development in all areas of your life:

“Chris Cox is the number-one trainer/facilitator in the Emergenetics family.  She is thoughtful, visionary, insightful, empathic, vivacious, and dynamic.  She delivers Emergenetics sessions with wisdom and sparkle.”

Geil Browning, Ph.D.

Founder & Board Chair, Emergenetics International

What We Offer

Emergenetics Workshops

Customized Training for Organizations, Executives, Leaders and Teams

Each organization has different needs – and demands effective, efficient ways to get skills into the hands of the teams who do the work. With topics such as leadership, communication and teambuilding – on-line resources or off-the-shelf training rarely hits the mark, much less is sustainable after the workshop is over.

For businesses facing serious challenges, whether from sudden downturns or success, Amplitude is the premier resource for amplifying results for organizations, and the leaders and teams within it.

Examples of Customized Workshop Topics Include:


Advanced Emergenetics Options

Fully Customized Options Beyond the Introductory Class

Organizations across the globe are realizing that there is significant depth to the tools and techniques that accompany Emergenetics – it’s not just for self insight and superficial teambuilding exercises.

We fully customize all advanced workshops to meet your specific needs and style. You will decide exactly what you and your team/organization need as your next move.  We’ll bring an experience that is guaranteed to deliver.

Following the introduction of Emergenetics through a Meeting of the Minds workshop, there are a wealth of additional ways to amplify your team and organization’s results.


Advanced Emergenetics Options :

  • Executive Strategy Session
    Use Emergenetics to drive results at the executive level.
  • New Leader – New Team Integration
    Use Emergenetics as a quick-start when you have a new leader or new team member and need to get results fast.
  • Deeper Dive into Team Dynamics
    Use Emergenetics to address specific, real-time team issues that are keeping the team from achieving all they are capable of.
  • Conflict Resolution through Effective Feedback
    Use Emergenetics as an effective tool for resolving age-old and current issues between team members or between entire teams.
  • Building Trust through Emergenetics Insights
    Combine Emergenetics principles with current theories on trust-building for amplified results within your team.
  • Emergenetics – The Leadership Edge
    Emergenetics has multiple applications in the leadership realm.  Integrate Emergenetics into your existing leadership curriculum or ask Amplitude to create an entire leadership series for you.
  • The WE Approach to Customer Service
    Use Emergenetics to better reach every customer and leave them with the ultimate experience.


Amplifying Results for Internal Leaders

The step-by-step, sure-fire way to amplify and sustain results for your team.  When you bring Emergenetics to your team, you also receive the leadership tools it will take to ensure those results stick.  The Emergenetics Fieldbook is designed for this specific purpose.

It’s straightforward, easy to implement and can be customized to fit into the work of your team. The Fieldbook helps implant Emergenetics into the team culture – an extension of the ROI of the workshop and advanced workshops.

Sections in the Fieldbook:

  • Action Planning and Schedule
    We lay out the plan for you – all you do is implement!
  • New Team Members
    Instructions for bringing new-hires up to speed and retaining the Emergenetics value as the team faces change.
  • Reinforce and Amplify
    Exercises to bring to team meetings that you can facilitate – and the step-by-step instructions on how to facilitate them.
  • Using Emergenetics Tip Sheets
    A great reinforcing tool provided by Emergenetics is the Tip Sheet – and this section provides you with all the information you need to insure your team receives the full benefit.
  • Using Emergenetics Reports
    Take full advantage of the data behind the Emergenetics Profile.  Find out exactly how in this section.
  • Advanced Emergenetics
    How to know when you are ready for more – and what exactly that is.
  • Emergenetics Overview
    More information and background about Emergenetics – since you are the leader, you get a deeper dive to enhance your knowledge of the tool.
  • Action Tip Emails
    Insight into the reinforcing email messages your team will receive following their initial workshop.
  • Resources for Learning
    Annotated book list for additional reading you may find useful and interesting.

Preview a sample of the fieldbook here

Emergenetics Certification

Our Emergenetics Associate Certification provides insights into the ways people prefer to think and behave, which allows talent development professionals and consultants to enhance self-awareness, strengthen communication, improve team performance and build positive workplace cultures.

Benefits of Becoming Certified in Emergenetics

Use the science of Emergenetics to transform the ways individuals, teams and organizations work. Through our blended learning Certification program, you’ll gain the knowledge, skills and tools you need to facilitate Emergenetics workshops and incorporate Emergenetics theory into your existing talent development programs.

Empower Individuals
The Emergenetics Profile assessment can enhance self-awareness, emotional intelligence and personal effectiveness in one-on-one coaching or in group workshops.

Build Healthier Teams
Learn to conduct our introductory workshops – Team Dynamics for Small Groups and the Meeting of the Minds – to create awareness around thinking and behavioral differences and strengthen collaboration, communication and productivity.

Transform Organizations
Emergenetics Certification empowers you to support your talent and organizational development strategy by connecting assessments, team performance and workplace culture. Using Emergenetics, you can create a common language for your organization that celebrates differences and builds a climate of productivity and positivity.

The Emergenetics Certification Experience

Designed by experienced professionals, our Certification program delivers a blended learning experience, which includes eLearning courses as well as live facilitated sessions with your Certification class and an Emergenetics Master Associate. We offer this course in-person and in an online experience via Zoom.

In our two-day training, you will gain essential insights from a Master Associate and build the skills you need to:

    • Debrief Emergenetics Profiles to reveal individual Thinking and Behavioral preferences
    • Facilitate Team Dynamics for Small Groups and the Meeting of the Minds workshops
    • Address team and group dynamics through the lens of Emergenetics
    • Assemble cognitively diverse teams
    • Explain the science and validity of Emergenetics

In addition to the training, all attendees have access to our Learning Lab, which provides engaging virtual courses to support your work with Emergenetics and help you pass your final exam, a requirement to become Certified in Emergenetics. After completion of the assessment, we provide additional resources to Associates including the Emergenetics blog, Emergenetics+ Associate portal as well as regional and global gatherings.

Our two-day Certification is approved for 17 continuing coach education credit hours by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as well as 17 credit hours toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute. For more information about either of these accreditations, please visit the ICF website at https://coachingfederation.org/ or the HR Certification Institute website at www.hrci.org.

Customized Emergenetics Certification

If your organization really wants to create sustainable culture change and build employee engagement while bringing tools for communication and leadership – you will want to bring Emergenetics into your organization in a strategic way.  Let us work with you to design a strategy and implementation plan for exactly how to do that.

With a fully customized package, you’ll receive an on-site certification class customized to your organization’s specific needs, discounts on the purchase of bulk Emergenetics Profiles and active coaching to ensure your organization gets the results expected from the Emergenetics tool.

Advanced Certification

Customized Certification can launch Emergenetics within your organization, or can take it to a higher level.  You may already have Emergenetics in place – and now are seeking to advance the use and impact – Advanced Custom Certification is for you!

This class is designed specifically to amplify your confidence, success and use of Emergenetics within your organization.  You will work directly with Chris Cox to identify exactly what will be included in this class, who will attend and what follow-up will occur.

Emergenetics Mentoring

Mentoring For Emergenetics Associates

New and seasoned Emergenetics Associates are frequently looking for assistance in raising their facilitation skills to the next level.  They may also be seeking assistance with a truly difficult facilitation request, team problem, or organizational challenge.

Emergenetics Mentoring with Chris Cox offers the experience of one of the most prolific facilitators in the Emergenetics organization – right at your fingertips.  Chris is available to solve one problem at a time, or work with new and existing associates in a focused process over a period of workshops.  Each associate who has worked with Chris has taken their Emergenetics knowledge to their next level and gained confidence in the tool and their facilitation skills.

Mentoring for Organizational Leaders:

Executives, leaders and managers alike find it a challenge to maintain the enthusiasm from the initial Meeting of the Minds workshop.  If you are one of these leaders who want to be proactive and ensure you are equipped with the tools and skills you need to fully utilize the ROI of Emergenetics, this service is perfect for you.

Working with Chris, you will set a plan in place to build your skill and confidence in the tool – and she will support you through the process until you are ready to fly solo.  This style of mentoring is extremely beneficial to leaders who see the broad application potential of the Emergenetics tool and want to build a customized plan for their specific uses of it.

If mentoring sounds like something of value, give Chris a call to explore this option!

What we bring to your organization

  • Customized approach to meet the needs of your organization, team or leader
  • Ability to develop leadership or team curriculum, or drop-in as a component of your existing program
  • Memorable, immediately implementable skills and techniques – proven to enhance outcomes in your business, relationships and leadership effectiveness
  • Uniquely challenging methods for improving your business results
  • Interactive, engaging, motivating and inspiring workshops, retreats and keynotes
  • Development and integration of the essential skills for effective leadership: building trust, communication, creating full engagement, and maximizing results
  • Coaching and consulting to maximize the strengths and talents of executives and their teams

What our clients have to say

“Chris Cox brings extensive knowledge of Emergenetics principles and practical applications that enable our associates to work more effectively with their client areas. Her enthusiasm and ability to assess the core issues in building relationships, along with her interpersonal skills, enable her to customize targeted and relevant exercises that prompt new and innovative solutions to workplace issues. The positive feedback from our attendees has been unanimous.”

Jim Ruswick

Director - Marketing Communications, Mutual of Omaha

“Chris Cox is a premier facilitator, coach, and master Emergenetics consultant who possesses the knowledge, experiences, and abilities to teach others in ways that further develop their own capacities to serve their clients, teams, and organizations more effectively.”

Jan Day Gravel

Executive and Leadership Coach, Janus Development Group

Building Better Leaders Together!

Our specialties include executive and leadership development, communication and trust building, building and retaining engagement in the organization/team, expanding confidence and personal power and amplifying results when diverse individuals need to interact to make that happen.

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