Ongoing education is a vital part of human growth. Chris Cox, Amplitude’s Owner and Chief Learning Officer, provides high-energy, engaging and motivating keynotes for your team, organization or professional association at a local, regional and national level.

From her powerful and motivating keynotes and workshops, to challenging and insightful facilitation and consulting, Chris simply, yet powerfully, teaches others how to more effectively work toward their goals, communicate more successfully with others, amplify their business and personal results and super-charge their lives. And, she brings a quick wit and delight in her topics that will inspire, and motivate every participant to action!

Whether 50, 500, 1000 or more – power-up your next meeting with a keynote from Chris!
You’ll be glad you did!

Examples of Customized Keynote Topics Include

A Meeting of the Minds - Amplify Your Communication Success

Frequently, the key to success isn’t what you know, or how well you do a job. More than ever, success is achieved by those most able to work effectively with diverse sets of people – understanding, appreciating and maximizing the diverse thinking preferences that exist within teams.

Through this fun and high-energy keynote utilizing the Emergenetics® model – a powerful, science-based communication tool – participants will have the opportunity to examine their personal thinking preferences, find a common ground from which to resolve conflict, learn the value of diversity of thought within a team, and gain tools to change the face of communication with others in their work and life.

Bring your brain to this keynote, and find out how your unique set of thinking preferences impact your success with others!

High Performance Living – Tools to Supercharge Your Life

Moving at 100+ miles per hour in a specially constructed racecar can actually teach you a few lessons about life.

In this dynamic presentation, Chris shares some of these lessons from her own experience as a racecar driver, lessons like getting out of the driveway, looking where you want to go, having a personal pit crew and the lesson of passing. Chris has put these lessons into a high energy, motivational speech that will spark the passion in your audience to live the life of their dreams.

Participants will use a “track map” to create, or reconnect with, the dreams of their lives. They’ll leave revved up with new tools and energy to work toward their goals and achieve greater results.

Rev It Up! - Sharpen Your Focus, Amplify Results

When on the racetrack, the key to success is knowing the condition of your car, the condition of the track and the status of the other drivers. How does the driver get updates when barreling down the straight at well over 150-MPH? In much the same way as great leaders get information about their organizations and the marketplace when racing at the speed of business!

In this racing related speech, leaders will assess their knowledge of their internal and external “dashboard” indicators through the use of metaphoric racing flags and trackside signals.

Participants will leave with a plan to assess how their organization is measuring up in terms of both external forces – competition, economy, changing regulations and the like, and internal forces – employee satisfaction, production schedules, productivity, net profit.

This fast paced speech will drive participants through the creation of their own dashboard indicators, and start revving their minds with ideas for how to ensure continued success in their organization.

What we bring to your organization

  • Customized approach to meet the needs of your organization, team or leader
  • Ability to develop leadership or team curriculum, or drop-in as a component of your existing program
  • Memorable, immediately implementable skills and techniques – proven to enhance outcomes in your business, relationships and leadership effectiveness
  • Uniquely challenging methods for improving your business results
  • Interactive, engaging, motivating and inspiring workshops, retreats and keynotes
  • Development and integration of the essential skills for effective leadership: building trust, communication, creating full engagement, and maximizing results
  • Coaching and consulting to maximize the strengths and talents of executives and their teams

What our clients have to say

“I have worked with many facilitators/teachers/coaches in my lengthy career and I would put Chris way at the top! Not only did I find the materials, course content and curricula to be of the highest caliber, I also was able to experience a true professional at work. You are in for a real treat!”

Brian Moore

Executive Coach, In-sight Coaching, LLC

“Chris Cox brings extensive knowledge of Emergenetics principles and practical applications that enable our associates to work more effectively with their client areas. Her enthusiasm and ability to assess the core issues in building relationships, along with her interpersonal skills, enable her to customize targeted and relevant exercises that prompt new and innovative solutions to workplace issues. The positive feedback from our attendees has been unanimous.”

Jim Ruswick

Director - Marketing Communications, Mutual of Omaha

“Chris Cox brings the ultimate balance of professionalism and creativity to all of her work. Whether presenting to a room full of people or consulting one-on-one, any experience working with Chris is sure to be memorable, make a valuable impactful, and lead to enduring results!”

Joelle K. Jay, Ph.D.

Leadership Research Institute

Building Better Leaders Together!

Our specialties include executive and leadership development, communication and trust building, building and retaining engagement in the organization/team, expanding confidence and personal power and amplifying results when diverse individuals need to interact to make that happen.

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