Customized Training for Organizations, Executives, Leaders and Teams

Each organization has different needs – and demands effective, efficient ways to get skills into the hands of the teams who do the work. With topics such as leadership, communication and teambuilding – on-line resources or off-the-shelf training rarely hits the mark, much less is sustainable after the workshop is over.

For businesses facing serious challenges, whether from sudden downturns or success, Amplitude is the premier resource for amplifying results for organizations, and the leaders and teams within it.

Examples of Customized Workshop Topics Include

Meeting of the Minds

A Meeting of the Minds – High Impact Communication through Emergenetics

This highly interactive, customized workshop meshes Emergenetics® insights with your business needs. Results are immediately realized and “stick” with participants long after the workshop concludes. Both virtual and in-person options are available.

  • Participants use their personalized Emergenetics results to gain deeper self-insight as well as skills for self-management.
  • Teams use the extensive data base and customized reports to achieve communication insights and tools for enhanced results. 

Participants regularly share that this workshop is “the best they have ever attended” and “the most practical set of tools for use in my business and personal life that I have ever received.”

Participants Experience:

  • Insight into how they think and behave as well as understanding the impact of their preferences
  • Immediately applicable skills and tools for enhanced performance beyond the workshop
  • Hands-on team-building exercises on communication, motivation, efficiency, and more
  • Understanding the power of cognitive diversity within the team to drive results

Organizations Gain:

  • A foundation for improved trust, communication, engagement, and results
  • A new viewpoint to understand and resolve business challenges
  • Highly effective and efficient communication skills and strategies
  • Reduced conflict
  • More creative and productive teams

The Meeting of the Minds workshop is a revolutionary approach—working through your people—to gain incredible results.

In two words – Emergenetics Delivers!

Teambuilding Offsites/Retreats

Amped Up Teams – Heightened teamwork, team power and team results, fully customized team workshops, off-sites and retreats

Need something interesting & engaging, yet packed with immediately applicable, real-life skills and tools to bring benefit to your team or organization?  Let Amplitude customize a full team off-site/retreat for you!

We have a cadre of professionals to bring to the table – with a wide-variety of specialties – from creative, highly-interactive, engaging and fun exercises along with effective and memorable tools/techniques on a wide variety of topics to outside ropes courses and action-learning adventures.  If you are looking to reenergize and reengage your team, you’ve come to the right place.

We will ensure your team meeting is the one they are talking about for years to come.  Contact us to begin the customizing process!

Amplifying Your Personal Power

What holds you back from your greatest successes? 

If it is timidity or lack of confidence in your ability, this is the workshop for you! If your team is unwilling to take the leaps required to stay abreast of the competition and changing demands of the day, this is the workshop for them!

Personal power isn’t a genetically endowed attribute, nor is it given with title or standing in an organization.  The key is to build skills that will allow us to unleash our power to produce positive outcomes – for ourselves, our team and for our organization.

This session is all about finding the power within that you already possess and using newfound tools to create positive outcomes at work, within your team and in your life.

You will leave this workshop with tools to amplify your personal power from within, and to get the results from others more easily and confidently.

Additional Take-Aways:

  • Move beyond the beliefs and “rules” that have held you back in life.
  • Take control of your fears and gain confidence in your ability to create change and success.
  • Create an action plan for achieving your vision and goals.
  • Experience confidence, joy and freedom in living the life you choose.

Integrated Leadership: Emotionally Intelligent Skills for the Advanced Leader

Leadership is more than meeting deadlines and hitting the bottom line.  For continued excellence, today’s leaders must also be experts in building trust, finding resilience in the face of change, reducing stress, creating balance along with success and maintaining your health to achieve your full potential and greatest organizational results.

In this workshop, you will utilize the EQ Map, a tool designed to measure one’s current level of emotional intelligence (or emotional quotient, EQ).  The EQ Map provides you with data on twenty EQ related scales, and includes proven tools for improving areas that may be keeping you from achieving success.  You will gain self-insight and awareness of the scope and power of your EQ as a tool to success in business and personal leadership.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Understand your strengths and vulnerabilities related to Emotional Intelligence.
  • Gain immediately applicable tools in resilience, intentionality, creativity, personal power, emotional awareness and expression to increase your productivity and reduce stress on the job.
  • Build self-insight and awareness of the scope and power of your
  • EQ as a tool to success in business and personal leadership.
  • Develop an EQ-in-Action Plan to effect demonstrable and measurable change, at work and in your personal life.

What our clients have to say

“Chris Cox awakens your business by teaching your people how to better understand, appreciate, and communicate with one another. Any business that requires teamwork to be successful will experience significant improvement after working with Chris.”

Tom White

President and CEO, Traynor Family Enterprise

“Chris Cox has been helping us build communications and customer service skills for nearly a decade. Through the use of Emergenetics, we have a more engaged staff, higher morale, and excellent customer service. Additionally Chris has been an integral component of improved employee morale within the Community Services Department. The City operates more effectively as a result of her assistance.”

Neil Krutz

City Manager, City of Sparks

“For more than a decade I have worked with Chris Cox and have utilized her team dynamics, talent selection, and Emergenetics services. In every case, Chris has proven to be highly professional, effective, and useful in the business world.”

Ed Epperson

President and CEO, retired, Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare

Building Better Leaders Together!

Our specialties include executive and leadership development, communication and trust building, building and retaining engagement in the organization/team, expanding confidence and personal power and amplifying results when diverse individuals need to interact to make that happen.

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