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“Chris Cox is the number-one trainer/facilitator in the Emergenetics family.  She is thoughtful, visionary, insightful, empathic, vivacious, and dynamic.  She delivers Emergenetics sessions with wisdom and sparkle.”

Geil Browning, Ph.D. CEO/Founder, Emergenetics International

“For almost a decade, IGT has utilized Emergenetics as the cornerstone tool for developing profiles for teams and individuals so that they can increase their communication effectiveness, team dynamics, and overall performance. The success that we have experienced with the tool has far exceeded our expectations!”

“The teamwork capacity of our Marketing and Advertising teams soared after our Emergenetics workshop. Chris makes the workshop fun, engaging and meaningful!”

Kelley Tucky Vice President, Internal Marketing, MGM Resorts International

“Chris engages all thinking preferences in her inclusive Emergenetics workshops.  Her dynamic presentation style combined with her vast knowledge results in powerful understanding and transformation for everyone.  And it is so much fun!”

Sally Young Owner and Coach, Catalyst for Solutions

“Chris Cox is my number one “go to” when I need additional capacity to facilitate Emergenetics. Unfailingly responsive and energetic Chris leaves groups brimming with knowledge, full of enthusiasm and with new found perspective on their preferences and those of their peers.”

"Emergenetics is a powerful tool in teaching the language of interpersonal communications and understanding."

Larry Chickering Group Human Resources Manager, Bio-Rad Laboratories

“For more than a decade I have worked with Chris Cox and have utilized her team dynamics, talent selection, and Emergenetics services.  In every case, Chris has proven to be highly professional, effective, and useful in the business world.”

Ed Epperson President and CEO, Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare

“Saint Mary’s Health Plans has benefited immensely from the Emergenetics work that Chris and Amplitude have done for us over the years.  All of our staff use Emergenetics regularly as they interact with each other.  Chris has also helped us develop management talent by providing coaching on interpersonal relationships at work and providing skills to motivate staff effectively.”

"Chris Cox brings extensive knowledge of Emergenetics principles and practical applications that enable our associates to work more effectively with their client areas. Her enthusiasm and ability to assess the core issues in building relationships, along with her interpersonal skills, enable her to customize targeted and relevant exercises that prompt new and innovative solutions to workplace issues. The positive feedback from our attendees has been unanimous."

Jim Ruswick Director - Marketing Communications, Individual Financial Services, Mutual of Omaha

“I have worked with many facilitators/teachers/coaches in my lengthy career and I would put Chris way at the top!  Not only did I find the materials, course content and curricula to be of the highest caliber, I also was able to experience a true professional at work. You are in for a real treat!”

Brian Moore Director, Human Resources, Reno Tahoe Airport Authority

“Chris Cox has been helping us build communications and customer service skills for nearly a decade.  Through the use of Emergenetics, we have a more engaged staff, higher morale, and excellent customer service.  Additionally Chris has been an integral component of improved employee morale within the Community Services Department.  The City operates more effectively as a result of her assistance.”

Neil Krutz Deputy City Manager, City of Sparks

“In an attempt to further enhance our effectiveness and cohesiveness as an athletics program at the NCAA’s highest level, we brought Chris Cox in to help us.  Her knowledge of Emergenetics and how it can meet (exceed) the client’s expectations was fantastic!  She is a dynamic facilitator who can relate to any group and make the process fun and beneficial at the same time.  The experience has enhanced our working relationships with colleagues internally and externally.  I would recommend Chris Cox to anyone looking to enhance their productivity and team dynamics to anyone.”

“The Emergenetics is always the highlight of the kickoff retreat for The Chamber’s Leadership program. Participants utilize these concepts to be more strategic, open, flexible, and successful throughout the year. Chris Cox is a role model of caring communication and her classes are always thought-provoking, exciting, and hands-on. She is truly a leader.”

Idora Silver CEO, I. Silver Management Group

“Chris Cox is amazing in so many ways.  Her energy, knowledge, and experience allow her to support the most engaged person in an organization as well as the one who is a “reluctant learner.”  I have recommended her far and wide because of what she accomplishes with groups and individuals.”

Meggin McIntosh, Ph.D. President and Owner, Emphasis on Excellence, Inc. 

"Chris Cox is a premier facilitator, coach, and master Emergenetics consultant who possesses the knowledge, experiences, and abilities to teach others in ways that further develop their own capacities to serve their clients, teams, and organizations more effectively."

Jan Day Gravel Executive and Leadership Coach, Janus Development Group

“Chris Cox has been a big part in turning our company around.  Over the past year, we learned how to put Emergenetics and ESP to work for us.  Thanks to Amplitude, we now have the right people in the right position.  The skies are truly our limit.”

Brian J. Esposito Vice President, Business Development, Soil-Tech

“Chris Cox awakens your business by teaching your people how to better understand, appreciate, and communicate with one another.  Any business that requires teamwork to be successful will experience significant improvement after working with Chris.”

Tom White President, Haws Corporation

"Chris engages, enlivens and enriches the lives of each person as she leads us on our own journey into our Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  She is able to take participants (us) to a deeper personal level to explore and realize our potential."

Sally Young Owner and Coach, Catalyst for Solutions

“The team facilitation and coaching services provided by Chris have made a significant impact on my organization’s ability to deliver better business outcomes more quickly.  Chris focuses on developing both team and individual capabilities.  In doing so, we built a higher performing organization while simultaneously expanding leadership bench strength.”

Sheryl Westad Director, Delivery Support, Veritas

“Chris Cox is a master at audience engagement. Her expertise in Emergenetics creates a strong foundation for those seeking to facilitate and manage their corporate A Meeting of the Minds seminars.”

“Thought-provoking, inspirational and actionable coaching from Chris has made a huge difference in not only my perspective but also my performance.  She has an innate ability to extract from me the “aha’s” necessary to identify what barriers stand in my way and how I can overcome them, and this has led me to realize new successes as well as my dream role.”

Kerri Meyer Manager, Leadership & Personal Development, Veritas

“Chris asks amazing questions that have been instrumental in getting me to own my insights about myself.  She's demanding, yet encouraging, caring yet has high standards and this only helps me grow faster and push farther.  I cherished my time working with Chris and would do so again in a heartbeat."

Matt Zybura Director, Web Marketing, Citrix Systems, Inc.

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